A Lion Puppet Craft – Based on the book, Dandelion by Don Freeman

Lion Puppet Craft Image

This cute lion puppet craft includes a free printable lion template for you to download and print. The inspiration for this craft came from the children’s book, Dandelion by Don Freeman, a book about a lion who nobody recognizes.

Lion Puppet Craft ImageFor this craft you will be using brown and yellow construction paper to make a lion puppet that is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

For this craft you will need:


1. Download the Lion Face Template.pdf.

2. Print the Lion Face Template.pdf on yellow construction paper. Each page has two lion faces on it so you will only need half as many copies of the  Lion Face Template.pdf.

3. Cut the paper down the middle so there is one lion face on each half and one for each student.

4. Download and print the Lion Mane Template.pdf onto light brown construction paper.

5. Cut out the mane piece and snip carefully around the edge, towards the middle,  to create the look of fur.

6. Cut out the lion face and glue the face onto the mane.

7. Finally, tape a straw onto the back side to complete your lion puppet!

Get your copy of Dandelion by Don Freeman

Dandelion by Don Freeman Book




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  1. Love the simplicity! Perfect for toddler/preschool age. I think the instructions are a little mixed up though. Should the lion face template be on yellow and the mane be on brown. I also used orange for the mane and that looks pretty cute too. Thanks for the cute templates!!

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