My Little Coloring Book – A Sweet Summertime Freebie

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My Little Coloring Book

Download this free Summer-themed coloring book freebie,  a fun coloring book full of mermaids, sea creatures, frogs, flowers, butterflies and other summertime-themed pictures! 7 black and white clip art images are included!

Click here or on the thumbnail to download: My_Little_Coloring_Book.pdf

Scroll down to see and download individual pages..

Underwater Fish Coloring Page

fish coloring page

Download the Fish Coloring Page


Whale at Sea Coloring Page

whale coloring page

Download the Whale Coloring Page


Mermaid Coloring Page

mermaid coloring page

Download the Mermaid Coloring Page


Crab Coloring Page

crab coloring page

Download the Crab Coloring Page


 Frog Coloring Page

frog coloring page

Download the Frog Coloring Page


Elephant Coloring Page

elephant coloring page image

Download the Elephant Coloring Page


Butterfly Coloring Page

butterfly coloring page

Download the Butterfly Coloring Page


In case you were wondering how to make coloring pages..

Making coloring pages is not hard, but it takes a little time. First draw a picture on a piece of white copy paper with a black Sharpie, then scan it in and save it to your computer.  Perfect it using, a free version of Photoshop, by giving the image a high contrast so that the black really stands out and the white is as bright as it can be. Then, create a PDF out of the image by loading it into a Word document and re-sizing it to fit the page, then exporting as PDF.

5 Easy Shark Crafts for Kids

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If you are looking for shark crafts, look no further.  Here are 5 Easy Shark Crafts for Kids.

1. Make Paper Plate Sharks

You can make these little sharks out of paper plates. Here’s how:

Cut out a red circle for the inside of the mouth, triangles for the teeth, and half-ovals for the eyes.

Fold the bottom part and staple or tape the eyes in place and use a marker to color the dark part of the eyes.

For the back fin, cut a paper plate in half and fold the bottom edges so it can be attached with staples or tape.

shark craft with paper plates

Image Credits:


2. Make Paper Plate Shark Jaws

Fold and cut paper plates in a jagged line and around the outside to create some realistic shark jaws!

paper plate shark jaws

Source: Dollar Store Crafts Paper Plate Shark Jaws


3. Create A Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Shark

Reuse toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls to make this shark craft.  Cut out a triangle from one opening on the cardboard roll.  This will make 2 triangles.  Glue one to the back and one to the top to make the fins.  Paint the whole thing blue.  Add some small triangles cut from white paper to make the teeth, and glue into place.  Add google eyes and paint on some gills to complete your shark craft!

shark craft toilet paper roll



4. Color These Realistic Shark Coloring Pages

Here is a realistic looking shark coloring page that you can download for free. Click the picture below for the full-sized image)


shark coloring page


shark coloring page


5. Make A Cartoon Shark Puppet


Here is a cartoon shark that would make a good puppet. Color and cut around the edge of the image.  Tape a popsicle stick to the back.  Use one of the images above to make a more realistic shark puppet.


shark coloring page



If you liked these crafts, you might like the Baby Shark Song

The Baby Shark Song is a fun shark music activity that you can do with your kids.  Here is a link to The Baby Shark Song music video with lyrics and movements so you can dance and have a shark-themed sing-along!

Im A Little Hour Hand Song – Lyrics and FREE Printable Poem

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I'm A Little Hour Hand Poem ImageHere are the lyrics to the song, Im a Little Hour Hand, sung to the tune of the children’s song, I’m a little tea pot. 

During our kindergarten unit on Time, I thought I would teach the kids this cute little song to help them remember the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. Click Here to Download: I’m A Little Hour Hand Printable (Or Click on the image to the right to download)

Below are the written lyrics to use for copying and pasting the text.

I’m A Little Hour Hand

I’m a little hour hand,

Short and stout.

I tell the hour and give a shout!

I’m a longer minute hand,

Big and tall.

I tell the minute and that is all!


Landforms for Kids – Early Childhood Activities for Science and Earth Day

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Landforms for kids – activities for Earth Day and Science!

For Grades: Pre-K, K, 1st

Landforms Books

Landforms Books: Affiliate Link

For this activitiy, kids draw their own landform and label their pictures.

You will need:

  1. A Landforms book with pictures.  Big-books work well for this.
  2. Large white construction paper – 1 piece for each student
  3. Pick one: crayons/markers/colored pencils

Look at pictures of the different landforms, such as islands, mountains, plains, valleys, rivers, and lakes and talk about what each type of landform is called and show a picture of what it looks like. When you get to a page that shows all the landforms on it, keep that page open as you explain the directions for the drawing activity.

You could say, “Today we are going to draw a landform and label our pictures.  You will choose a landform that you want to draw and then draw it on your paper.  Then you will write the name of the landform on your picture.  What are some of the landforms that we learned about?”  Students raise their hands and say the name of a landform.  Ask, “How do you know it is a…(Lake, Mountain, Hill, River..Etc)?” Students raises their hands and can talk about how they know which landform it is and what unique features it has.

Pass out a piece of large white construction paper, one for each student.  Using your choice of drawing materials, have children draw one land form that they learned about and label it with the name of the landform, ie hill, mountain, lake, river, plains, island. Remind students that they also need to add their first and last name to their work :)

Have the landforms book open to the pages that show the pictures of the different landforms all on one page.  You can even write the name of each landform on the white board and draw a small picture next to it for the kids to reference as they do their work too.

Early finishers can choose a book to read on the carpet.

land and water printableI also found this awesome pack of landforms printables.  There are 3 free worksheets in the preview on TPT. Here is a link to the product page: