Colorful Clown Craft

clown craft for kindergarten
Here is a colorful clown craft for kids that would be perfect for a costume party or a circus themed gathering.  You can cut out the shapes ahead of time or let the kids cut out the shapes and assemble the clown themselves. Materials A...
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Minerva Louise Handprint Craft

This craft was inspired by the children’s book “A Hat for Minerva Louise” by Janet Morgan, about a chicken who finds a peculiar hat. Supplies construction paper – a variety of colors, cut in half (hamburger style) glue sticks crayons scissors Directions On a piece...
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How to Get Money for Teaching Supplies

green money
How to Get Money for Teaching Supplies.  If you need supplies for your classroom, but don’t have enough cash to purchase them on your own, there are ways to get money for teaching supplies to get the things for your classroom that you really want and need! Donor’s...
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Lakeshore Instant Learning Centers

lakeshore instant learning centers
Lakeshore Instant Learning Centers. Lakeshore Learning Company makes these great instant learning centers that you can set out and have the kids work on independently.  Each box contains materials that let students practice different literacy skills. I usually teach students how to use these instant...
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Construction Paper Aquarium

construction paper aquarium craft
For this construction paper aquarium craft, you will be making an underwater scene out of construction paper. In the example below, I made a swimming school of fish.  You can use this idea to spark your imagination and add whatever sea creatures you want to your...
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Clown House

For this colorful clown house drawing, a piece of paper is divided into sections and you draw a different picture in each “room”. You can use a ruler to draw lines to divide the paper or you can fold the paper into even sections. You...
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Coloring Pages for Kids

whale coloring page
Fun and free coloring pages for kids – ready to print and be colored on! Use in your classroom or at home. Click on the pictures or the links below the pictures to download any of the coloring pages. Fish Coloring Page Here is an underwater fish coloring page. Download...
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Music Videos for Kids

These are some of the music videos for kids I use most often in my classroom.  Play these music videos on a Smart Board or projector. Play directly from this page or, if you open each music video in a different browser tab ahead of...
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Magazine Beads

magazine beads craft
You can make beautiful paper beads out of old magazines and they make amazing gifts too! I made these cool little magazine beads when I was teaching preschoolers and many of the kids were actually able to roll them up and make them all on...
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