Haunted House Drawing

spooky house craft
Inside this haunted house, there are many scary things – A witch, some bats, a skeleton that lives in the attic, spiders and goblins peeking through a window, ghost and bats flying around, and alligators swimming in a secret underground dungeon! Super scary.. And a fun...
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Halloween Music Activities for Kids

A few spooky music activities for October and Halloween! Walk on the Witch – A fun Halloween version of musical chairs Halloween Songs and Music Activities from SuperSimpleLearning.com Dem Bones Music Video on YouTube: A very cute song/ music video about some little witches: More Halloween Music Activities - Tons of...
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Five Little Pumpkins Poem

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said,  “Oh, my, it’s getting late!” The second one said,  “There are witches in the air!” The third one said,  “But we dont care!” The fourth one said,  “Let’s run and run and run!” The...
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Social Studies Activities for Kids

Democrat Map An enrichment activity about democracies Free Rice Vocabulary Game Play this free vocabulary game to end world hunger! History Globe Jamestown Adventure create a colony and compare its sucess to the historical Jamestown colony InfoPlease.Com Timelines, encyclopedia, almanac and homework help Mission-US.org A revolutionary way to...
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Black Cat Craft

cat craft
Here’s how to make this cool cat wall decoration! You will need one piece of black construction paper, a half sheet of pink construction paper, some small pieces of scrap construction paper for the eyes and a little bit of white for the whiskers. You will also...
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