shark craft

5 Easy Shark Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for shark crafts, look no further.  Here are 5 Easy Shark Crafts for Kids. 1. Make Paper Plate Sharks You can make these little sharks out of paper plates. Here's how: Cut out a red circle for the inside of the mouth, triangles for the teeth, and half-ovals for the … Full Article

construction paper aquarium craft

Construction Paper Aquarium Craft

For this construction paper aquarium craft, you will design an underwater scene out of construction paper. In the example below, you can see a swimming school of fish in an underwater scene.  Use this idea to spark your imagination and add whatever sea creatures you like to your own paper aquarium … Full Article


21 Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

These literacy center activities for kindergarten are meant to be placed at tables for kids to work on independently and in small groups while the teacher is working with small groups or individual students on things like intervention activities, guided reading groups, or for assessment … Full Article

My Little Coloring Book

Free Coloring Book – Mermaids and Animals

Download My Little Coloring book,  a fun and free coloring book with simple black and white clip art pictures of mermaids, sea creatures, frogs, flowers, and butterflies. Download the entire coloring book by clicking this link: Download My Little Coloring Book (PDF) Scroll Down to preview each … Full Article

music image

18 Music Videos for Kindergarten – Sing. Dance. Learn.

Turn your classroom into a full-on and educational dance party!  Here are 18 music videos for kindergarten to get kids moving and learning!  Kids will enjoy dancing to the beat as they count, learn shapes, sing the alphabet, and learn social skills! Project these videos on a Smart Board or Movie … Full Article

magazine beads craft

How to Make Paper Beads

Here are instructions for how to make paper beads out of scrap paper or old magazines. Once you have made the beads you can string them together to create unique necklaces, bracelets, or earrings.  Paper beads are environmentally friendly too when made out of recycled paper and magazines that might … Full Article


5 Easy Space Crafts for Kids

Outer Space, Space Shuttle, Astronauts and Aliens - Here are some 5 Easy Space Crafts for Kids! 1. Make a Paper Space Shuttle Craft For this space shuttle craft, you can make your own space shuttle or rocket ship and a fun outer space scene by using construction paper! Materials Black … Full Article

Bird Activities

20 Bird Activities for Kids

Stock up on bird seed and grab a pair of binoculars!  Whether you live in the country or in the city, you can have fun learning about  wildlife in your own backyard. Here are some bird activities for kids to you started. Make Your Own Bird Feeder. Kids can make their own bird feeder using a pine … Full Article

clown girl

Draw A Funky And Fun Clown House

Bubbles, Bozo, Balloons and Pies! Today you will be making a fun clown house drawing with plenty of colors and surprises! For this silly clown house craft, a piece of paper is divided into sections and you can draw a different picture in each "room". Use a ruler to draw lines to divide the paper or … Full Article


3 Magazine Collage Ideas

You can create a unique art project by using old magazine clippings. For these magazine collage ideas, cut out shapes and pictures ahead of time or as you go along.  Reusing old magazines you will create these magazine collages while helping the environment by creating less paper waste while … Full Article

spooky tree craft

A Spooky Tree Craft

Introduction This Craft is based on the children's book, "The Berenstain Bears and The Spooky Old Tree", by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Kids love this book and it is one of my favorites too!  Read this book and create this spooky tree craft to go along with it.  You could also give kids the freedom … Full Article


Five Little Pumpkins Poem – Lyrics

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. The first one said,  "Oh, my, it's getting late!" The second one said,  "There are witches in the air!" The third one said,  "But we dont care!" The fourth one said,  "Let's run and run and run!" The fifth one said,  "It's … Full Article


Halloween Music Activities for Kids

A few spooky music activities for October and Halloween! Walk on the Witch - A fun Halloween version of musical chairs Halloween Songs and Music Activities from Dem Bones Music Video on YouTube: A very cute song/ music video … Full Article

spooky house craft

Make a Spooky Haunted House Drawing

Inside this haunted house, there are many scary things - A witch, some bats, a skeleton that lives in the attic, spiders and goblins peeking through a window, ghost and bats flying around, and alligators swimming in a secret underground dungeon! Super scary.. And a fun Halloween craft! You … Full Article

Oil Pastel Portrait

Create Your Own Oil Pastel Portraits

Oil pastels are a colorful choice for art projects of all kinds. They can be found at any art store. Also look for them at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores to save money. Decorate your classroom or hallway with oil pastel portraits that your kids made.  Frame your oil pastel portraits for … Full Article

cat craft

Black Cat Craft

Here's how to make this cool black cat craft wall decoration! You will need one piece of black construction paper, a half sheet of pink construction paper, some small pieces of scrap construction paper for the eyes and a little bit of white for the whiskers. You will also need a bottle of … Full Article

clown craft for kindergarten

A Colorful Clown Craft

Here is a colorful clown craft that would be perfect for a costume party or a circus themed gathering.  You can cut out the shapes ahead of time or let the kids cut out the shapes and assemble the clown themselves. Materials A variety of different colors of construction paper Foam … Full Article

Minerva Louise Craft

Minerva Louise Handprint Craft

This craft was inspired by the children's book "A Hat for Minerva Louise" by Janet Morgan, about a chicken who finds a peculiar hat. Supplies construction paper - a variety of colors, cut in half (hamburger style) glue sticks crayons scissors Directions On a piece of halved … Full Article

crayon mountain sketch

Mountain Sketch

This mountain sketch and sky scene was created by coloring with crayons on card-stock.   To create a similar look, design and sketch a colorful mountain scene.  As you color in the picture, blend the colors together to create the look of the day turning into the … Full Article

construction paper portrait

Construction Paper Portrait Crafts

You can create your own construction paper portraits out of paper scraps.  I happen to have a lot of construction paper on hand so that is what I used but you could use any kind of paper for these portraits.  Here are three ideas for making your own construction paper portrait crafts. Construction … Full Article


Printable Cat Template

These fat cats are cute no matter how you glue them together! And they are super easy to make so they're the perfect cutting and gluing activity for kids in pre-school and kindergarten. Just download and print the free printable cat template, color, cut and paste! You will need Fat Cat … Full Article


Make Beautiful Construction Paper Collages

For these pretty construction paper collages you can reuse leftover scrap paper to make a beautiful picture. Cut out and glue shapes onto black construction paper and color the background with crayons or colored pencils. Use black construction paper as a background to make the colors in your … Full Article

music image

Activities for A Musically Enriched Classroom

I am always looking for ways to teach all subjects through music so I've come up with a list of music activities for kids. All children can benefit from music, and it is especially helpful for kids with ADD/ADHD. Giving children the gift of music builds their confidence and self esteem, and helps … Full Article

Constuction Paper Flowers

Construction Paper Flowers

You can use construction paper to make your own paper flower craft.  There are a ton of different ways to design and make your own flowers out of construction paper. Here are a few ideas that I think you will love to get you started! Construction Paper Flower Picture. For these easy construction … Full Article

worm craft for kids

Worm Craft

This worm craft is perfect for kindergartners and young children. Create this underground scene of a cute worm hanging out underground with a little view of the sky and a movable stone that hides in the grass! Materials glue sticks scissors construction … Full Article

cupcake clip art

12 Cupcake Clipart Images

I made these cupcake clipart images and ice cream cups in different flavors.  These images are free to use on websites and blogs, for patterning, or to write letters or numbers on. Right click on any image to view the full size version and save it or link it to your site.   12 Cupcake … Full Article

clip art clowns

Free Clipart Clowns

Here are some free clip art clowns use online on websites, webpages, and blogs and other online resources.  Feel free to use these clip art clown images however you like but please add a link to if you do! Clown Clip Art … Full Article

leprechaun site word activity for kindergarten

Leprechaun Sight Words

For a fun and festive Saint Patrick's Day Activity, kids fill these little paper leprechaun pots with gold coins printed with sight words.  We call this activity Leprechaun Sight Words because students write tiny words on the paper coins, as if they were wee little leprechaun. To prepare for … Full Article


Lion Puppet Craft

With the arrival of March, I thought I would post this cute lion puppet craft for preschoolers or kindergartners, with printable lion face and lion mane templates. The Inspiration for this craft came from the children's book, Dandelion by Don Freeman, a book about a lion who nobody … Full Article

construction paper pig

Pig Craft – Pig On A Farm

If you need a fun pig craft then this is the perfect project for you! For this barnyard craft you will be using different colors of construction paper to create a farm scene with a pig and some crows. The pig pokes his head and nose out for a cool 3D effect. For this craft, you will need glue … Full Article

letter magnets

How to Teach Letter Sounds to Young Children

Learning letters and letter sounds is an essential step for preschoolers and kindergartners as they begin their journey as young readers and writers.   This article will give you some ideas for how to teach letter sounds and letters to your children to help them build a strong foundation in early … Full Article


Cat Puppet Craft

You can make this easy cat puppet in no time by printing out and using the cat puppet template!  Kids will love to create and play with their puppets and you can use them during music time or as a magic cat wand! For this craft you will need: Cat Puppet Template (I scanned in and created the … Full Article

Cat House Drawing

Cat House Drawing

This is an easy cat craft for kindergarteners and young kids! Lots of kitties are living in this cool cat house. Use a ruler to divide a piece of white copy paper into nine equal sections. Then, using colored markers, draw a different scene in each "room". You will need Markers, white paper, and … Full Article