Cat House Craft – An Easy Drawing Idea

Cat House Drawing

This is an easy drawing craft for kindergarteners and young kids! Lots of kitties are living in this cool cat house. Use a ruler to divide a piece of white copy paper into nine equal sections. Then, using colored markers, draw a different scene in each “room”.

You will need Markers, white paper, and a ruler for this craft.

Cat House Drawing

Here is a drawing of a cute family of cats doing cat-like things in their cozy home.  In this picture I drew cats in every room from the bathroom, to the kitchen!  There are cats hiding in boxes, playing with yarn, and watching their favorite shows on tv. You can add a staircase to create the look of an actual house.  Add lots of colors and you can’t go wrong!

You can also make a haunted house drawing
or a house of clowns drawing using this simple drawing technique!

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