Writing About Farm Animal Sounds

As we begin the new year, we also begin our On The Farm unit. This unit is all about Farm animals, jobs on the farm, and food – where it comes from, and how it grows.  In this lesson, kids write about animals on the farm and the sounds they make.

Grades: PreK and Kindergarten

Objectives:  Students will use scribbles, shapes, pictures, and letters to represent objects, stories, experiences, or ideas.  Students will copy, trace, or independently write letters or words (Colorado PreK Standards: Literacy Knowledge & Skills 5.3, 5.4)

Subjects: Literacy/ Art

Activity: Journaling/ Early Writing

Materials: Book: Around The Farm by Eric Carl, Chart paper, markers, student journals, pencils

Prep:  Animal Sounds Chart Paper- Animal / Sound,  Journal pages with writing prompt

Pig ImageProcedure: Introduce BookAround The Farm by Eric Carl

Say, “Today we will be talking about farm animals and writing about some of the sounds they make. Can you remember some of the animals on a farm? What sound does that animal make?” Write student responses to,  Animal/ Sounds on the chart paper.

Students work on journals at tables, drawing a picture of any farm animal and the sound it makes using the writing prompt, On the farm, the _____ goes, “_______.” I like to write the prompt in yellow highlighter and let the kids trace the words.  Then they fill in the blanks for the animal and the sound it makes.

Assessment:  Objectives will be met if students are able to write the first and last letter of the words they are writing, and pictures have at least 3 colors and details.

Large Motor Connection Activity:  The Farmer In the Dell – Music and Movement activity. Students sing the song, “The Farmer in the Dell”.  For each verse, add one student to the middle of the circle and the rest of the students walk around this person holding hands and singing the song.


Cow Image


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