A Cool Construction Paper Aquarium Craft

For this construction paper aquarium craft, you will design an underwater scene out of construction paper. In the example below, you can see a swimming school of fish in an underwater scene.  Use this idea to spark your imagination and add whatever sea creatures you like to your own paper aquarium craft!

construction paper aquarium craft



Start with a blue piece of construction paper for the background.  Make some seaweed by cutting curvy strips out of green construction paper.  Glue this seaweed so it is coming up from the bottom of the blue construction paper.

Take a piece of yellow or brown construction paper, and cut a curvy strip that is the same width as the blue background piece to make the sand. Paste this sand piece to the bottom of the blue construction paper over the seaweed pieces, so that the seaweed appears to be coming up from behind the sand.

Create fish, jellyfish, starfish, sharks, crabs, shrimp and whatever other sea life you can think of out of pieces of construction paper. Paste your sea creatures onto the background and add the optional sequins and google eyes to complete your craft!