A Minerva Louise Construction Paper Handprint Craft

This craft was inspired by the children’s book “A Hat for Minerva Louise” by Janet Morgan, about a chicken who finds a peculiar hat.

Minerva Louise Craft


  • construction paper – a variety of colors, cut in half (hamburger style)
  • glue sticks
  • crayons
  • scissors


On a piece of halved construction paper outline your hand without going in between your fingers. Then, cut out the outline of your hand and glue it onto the half piece of construction paper.

Cut out an orange beak and a red comb and glue it onto the thumb area. Draw on some eyes, a hat, and the snow!

*Other ideas* Add feather and sequins for a fancy twist on this craft!

Construction Paper Portraits

Kids can make this construction paper portrait using pieces of scrap paper.



  • Glue sticks
  • Construction Paper (whole pieces and scraps)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out the an oval for the face and a rectangle for the neck and glue onto the background (I used black paper because I like the contrast).
  2. Cut pieces of paper for hair and layer over each other to create a hair-like texture.
  3. Cut out and add a shirt, decorate (optional)
  4. Add facial features including  eyes, nose, mouth, and ears