Re-Purposed Construction Paper Crafts

Teach kids about reusing while you create your own paper portraits and landscapes out of scrap paper!

Recently, I happen to have a lot of construction paper on hand so that is what we used but you could get creative with any kind of paper for these.

The kids enjoyed building their art projects and it was an excellent opportunity to talk about how we can take care of the environment by re-purposing.

Here are three different ideas for making your own re-used construction paper crafts!

1. Construction Paper Portraits



You can make this construction paper portrait by cutting out the face and neck first, then cutting out the hair, shirt, and facial features to fit onto the face and neck. Then, simply glue the pieces down on a piece of black construction paper with a glue stick.

2. Torn Construction Paper Portraits

For this craft you will tear strips of paper and create a portrait.torn-construction-paper-portrait-1


  • glue sticks
  • assorted colors of scrap construction paper
  • skin colored construction paper
  • black construction paper


torn-paper-portrait-2Start by tearing some skin colored construction paper into an oval to create the shape of a face. Tear some construction paper into a rectangle for the neck and glue it onto the back of the face. Glue the neck and the face onto a piece of black construction paper.

Tear scrap construction paper into a rectangle for the shirt and glue it into place.  Use scrap paper to make the eyes, hair, nose, mouth, and any accessories that you want to add.


3. Torn Construction Paper Landscapes

Tear paper into strips to create a beautiful landscape for the background of a portrait or on its own!  Below is an example of a colorful landscape  you can make out of torn construction paper.

torn paper landscape


  • Construction paper
  • Glue sticks


Before you begin, figure out what kind of landscape you want to create.  Will you be creating a desert or a mountain landscape? Maybe something else? What time of day will it be in your picture? Next, decide what colors you will be using.  You can even use pictures from a magazine as inspiration!  Now your ready to begin!

1. Choose a color for the sky in your picture.  Place this piece in front of you. This piece will be the background that you glue all the other pieces to.

2. Begin by tearing a strip of paper  for the top part of your landscape.   Tear it so it is the same width as the background.  Position it a couple of inches from the top, leaving enough room for the sky.  Don’t glue anything down yet!

3. Continue to tear and arrange pieces of construction paper until you are done adding the mountains, plains, and hills.

4. Tear a circle shape for the moon or sun

5. Adjust and arrange the construction paper until it is the way you want it.

6. Glue each torn strip to the background piece, starting with the highest paper strip and working your way down. Tuck in the sun or moon behind the top piece and glue it down to complete your beautiful picture!

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