18 Educational Music Videos for Early Learning ~ Alphabet, Counting & More!

Kids learn to count, learn shapes, sing the alphabet, and practice social skills as they move to the beat!

Here are 18 music videos for early childhood to get kids grooving to the music while they learn!

1. Lets Get Fit Count to 100 by 1’s Keep Your Mind and Body in Shape!  This song is perfect when you have to get some energy out and want a good exercise video for kids.  Play this if you ever have to stay inside during recess because of the weather.

2. Thats The Way We Learn to Count to 100 by 5  Our class loves to dance to this song!  It gets stuck in your head and you’ll be singing it all day, but at least you will know how to count to 100 by 5’s!

3. Dance Party Count by 5’s  This is the favorite song in our classroom at the moment.  Kids just love to dance to this one and it’s fun to try to keep up when the song speeds up!

4. Shapes Song A nice, relaxing song about shapes. Sit and relax, and see which shapes you can identify.  Eventually you’ll learn all of the shapes by name as you sing along!

5. Climbing Up the Mountain, Counting by 10’s!  We’re climbing up this mountain from beginning to end, climbing up this mountain while we’re counting to ten! Catchy, isn’t it?  Every time I am about to count by 10s, I chant the beginning of this song as a prelude.

6 Alphabet Rock Greg and Steve – Count to 20 by 1’s.  This is a good song to use when you are getting started with teaching counting.  You can let your students take turns with a pointer and follow along on a number chart as the song plays.

7. The Leapfrog Letter Factory Alphabet Song  This music video is perfect for teaching letters and letter sounds.

8. Big Numbers Song Relaxing music and counting to 1 to 100 and all the way to a trillion!  They pick up on the end of this song before the beginning half the time, the part that goes all the way up to billion ~ they love saying those big numbers!  Some of my students hum this when they are counting to 100.  Music makes memorizing easy, what else can I say?

9. ABC Rock by Greg and Steve  For this one, I give kids turns with a pointer so they can point to the letters as they sing along.

10. Down By The Bay With Rhyming Words for Music and Movement + Rhyming Practice.  Create movements for each part of the song and teach the kids.  You can also make picture magnets for each rhyming word and stick it on the board as you sing the rhyming words.

11. The Ladybug Song by Frank Ledo A great song for teaching body parts!  Link you’re thumbs and wiggle your fingers to create an imaginary ladybug who lands on you, crawls around,  and then flies away. Perfect for All About Me Units!

12. Going on a Bear Hunt This is another popular favorite in our classroom.  Its very fun, even though it can get pretty silly and loud at the end. Just make sure your door is closed.

13. Firetruck Song by Ivan Ulz Kids love this song about firefighters, especially when you choreograph some movements to go along with the music ~ Perfect for community helper units.

14. Belly Breathe feat. Colbie Caillat and Elmo  This is a very good song that teaches kids to take belly breathes when they are feeling upset sad or anxious.  You can remind students to take belly breaths if they feel upset and reinforce the idea with this video.

15. Tidy Up The Rhumba!  When it is time to clean up,  ring a bell. Then play this. The room will be sparkling clean in no time!

16. I Can Count to 100 Count to 100 along with this fun dance song!

17. Count Backwards from 10 to 1  A cute song with a nice rhythm for counting backwards from 10 to 1.


18. Hello Alphabet Train  This song has a great Dance Hall style rhythm and kids can sing about letters and words as they groove!

Tips for Watching Music Videos In The Early Childhood Classroom

You can enter full screen mode by clicking the button on the bottom right of each video.  Click the button again when you are ready to exit full screen mode.

Open up the music videos in multiple tabs or windows so you can quickly go from one song to the next.

Invest in high quality speakers, they really make a difference.  Children become more engaged when the sound quality increases!

Make sure to test out each music video before you play it in your classroom. It’s good to know if the song is fast or slow so you can play the right kind of music at the right time.

Rotate fast songs with slow songs.  You can play more than one fast song in a row if your kids need to get out some extra energy, but I think it is always good to end with a calm & quiet song!


Create A Musically Enriched Classroom – Engaging Music Activities for Kids

I am a musician as well as a teacher so I am always looking for ways to incorporate music into my lessons.  In a musically enriched learning environment, students explore connections to music in all different subject areas and are given opportunities to express themselves creatively. Here are my favorite ideas and activities for bringing music into the early childhood classroom.*
guitar girl

1. Use music and songs while you are teaching, and kids will retain information for a lifetime!  Youtube is an awesome resource for songs and videos for kids. Check out this post where I have a list of my favorite music videos all in one place.

2. Scour the internet for creative ideas to use in your classroom. Pinterest is my favorite place to go for this.  Here is a list of my favorite kids music themed resources that I have found (It’s a growing list):

Songs To Sing In The Car – Resources for music lessons and activities parents can do with their kids!

Music Activities for Smartboard – The title explains itself, a site with lots of SmartBoard music activities to use in the classroom.

TLC Music for Kids – Music activities brought to you from The Learning Channel.

ChildrensMusic.Org  – A non-profit music resource for parents, teachers, and kids.

Disney Music Activities Play music games and more on Disney’s Music site!

Music Tech Teacher – Music quizzes, games and worksheets.

50 Music Activities for Kids


Books About Music For Kids

DSO Kids Club A site for those who want to learn more about music and the people who make music

The New York Philharmonic Kidszone Games and info on the composers and the musicians that are a part of the NY Philharmonic

Lyrical Legacy – Explore eighteen American songs and poems from the digital collections of the Library of Congress

CreatingMusic.com The goal of this web site is to provide an environment for children to experience creative play in the creation of music, with the same ease they have been able to enjoy with toys, drawing tools, building blocks, puppets, etc.

BSO Kids Kids compose their own music, play online games and print coloring pages of their favorite instruments.

Flash Music Games Create your own simple musical compositions or play a drumkit with your keyboard.

The San Fransisco Symphony Kids Site Play music games or compose your own tune!

150+ Free Kids Songs

3. Bring a piano or keyboard into your classroom.  When students explore the piano they begin to establish a foundation of musical understanding.  You can often find a free unwanted piano sitting around the school somewhere if you just ask around.  I’ve found a couple like this.  You can also check the free section of craigslist but beware of trying to move it!

If you can’t get a piano or keyboard, here are a couple of online keyboards that you could let students use in the classroom perhaps on the Smartboard:

A Nice Simple Keyboard with Piano, Horns, and Other Sound Options. – I use this for simple music composition.

Play these virtual keyboards on a Smart Board or other touch screen

Moog Image

Google Moog, a synthesizer that you can play and record on. Click on the image to the left or click here here to open a new window and play.

Virtual Piano 1  A fun virtual piano that you can play and create rhythms on

Virtual Piano 2 another virtual piano for you to play

4. Practice rhythm with music and movement activities.  I like to have students copy different rhythm patterns I make up. You can use body parts and do things like clapping, snapping, and tapping, or incorporate musical instruments.  You can practice rhythm activities during circle time or when kids are standing in line and waiting to get a drink or something else.  Here are some links to a few rhythm activities for kids:
drummer girl imageEasy Rhythm Activities  A tutorial for teaching children about rhythm

Childhood101.com – Kids Rhythm Activities  Tons of rhythm activities for little ones

Easy Rhythm Activities  A tutorial for teaching children about rhythm

Virtual Drumkit  Play the drums using the keys on your computer’s keyboard.

Web Drum Machine  Another cool web application where you can play a drum machine online. This would be another fun Smart Board activity!

5. Incorporate music related crafts into your day.

Here are some ideas I’ve found for music crafts:

First School Music Crafts Music themed crafts, geared towards preschoolers

DLTK Kids Music Page Music activities, including music related crafts and printables

Speaking of music related crafting, you can make your own instruments out of found and up-cycled materials.

Make your own guitar for your kiddos to experiment and play with or a drum to bang on.  Here are 6 Musical Instruments You Can Make. Here is another site with 10 more ideas for making musical instrument crafts.

*These activities are intended to be used with kids in prek and kindergarten, but can be adjusted to work with younger and older children.

Did You Know? Studies have shown that students become more engaged in activities when they are given multiple opportunities to participate in musical and creative expression throughout the day!

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Find these and many more music and movement activities pinned to my Music and Movement Pinterest Board!

Have a music activity for PreK or K you want to share? Leave a comment below with your ideas!