Math Resources for Kindergarten

Here is a list of math resources for kindergarten including links to math activities on the web and a few activities that I’ve made for my students.   Here you will find counting, addition, patterning and other hands on math activities for math workshop or math centers.  These math resources from around the web are sure to engage kindergarten students of all abilities!

Math Games for Kindergarten 

AAA Math  This site offers math games for elementary school students to practice mathematical skills.  You can set up the classroom computer to link directly to this site, and let your students choose which activities they would like to engage in.

Cool Math Games  Kids will love these fun and educational math games.  These are the perfect activities for students who finish their work early and need some fun and educational activities to fill their time while their classmates are still working.

A Plus Math A Plus Math is a web site developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.  This is another awesome site where kids can visit and practice their math skills.

Math Blaster Math Blaster is a classic math game that I remember playing in elementary school as a child.  This site includes interactive math games for kids of all ages.

Math Play .  Math play offers a wide variety of fun math games that your students or children can play online.

Math Playground Math Playground offers arcade-type math games for a super engaging and educational math resource for your kids.

Top Marks Top Marks is a site with educational math games and activities for students in elementary grades through middle school.

Addition Activities for Kindergarten

Mrs. Ricca’s Addition Activities for Kindergarten  An amazing list of addition activities for kindergarten, including links to printables and templates.  I use these activities during Math Workshop in my classroom during our Addition Unit.

Counting Activities for Kindergarten

write the number activityWrite The Number Count the animals and write the number, and easy counting activity.  I made this activity to give some of my students extra practice with counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number writing.  I use it as an alternative activity for students who need extra practice with writing and counting skills during math workshop.  Clipart thanks to

Math Puzzles

Digital Tanagrams Digital Tanagrams allows students to solve different puzzles using shapes while on the computer.

Pattern Block Puzzles Printable pattern block mats in black and white and color, for pattern block puzzles and lots of fun! (

pattern block duck

A colored pattern block duck puzzle.

Graphing Activities

Create A Graph Create your own bar graph, line graph, area graph, or pie graph on this math site.


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives lets students play with virtual math manipulatives on their computers.  The site offers a wide range of activities for students in grades prek-12. You will find lots of cool visuals and interactive graphics to help kids understand math while having fun.

 coinsortingMoney Activities for Kindergarten

Download this coin-sorting mat for sorting pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters.  Students can simply sort the coins, or they can sort and then count the coins.  This activity is perfect for teaching kindergarteners about money and giving them practice with counting by 5’s, 10’s and 1’s.

More Math Resources for Kindergarten 

Calculators for Kids Calculators and More! A selection of calculators,  math games and resources for kids!

Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi – 123 Numbers you will See This site offers a bunch of ideas for teaching numbers and math to preschool and kindergarteners.

Johnnie’s Math Page Another great site with math activities for kids to add to your resource list.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources This site includes an extensive collection of free resources, math games, and hands-on math activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Thinking Blocks At Thinking Blocks you will find a suite of learning tools designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently and develop critical and logical thinking skills.

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