Letters of The Alphabet Coloring Pages

These Letters of the Alphabet Coloring Pages combine letters and pictures to help early readers & writers identify letters and letter sounds through coloring.B for Bees Coloring Page

I created these coloring pages help reinforce uppercase and lowercase letter recognition in my classroom and give students practice using fine motor muscles to color! You can also use these coloring pages to compliment letter of the day/week activities!

Great for literacy centers, morning work or as an activity for early finishers!

Original artwork by Miss Vanessa.

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Letters of the Alphabet Coloring Page Pin


The following coloring pages are included in this bundle:

▸ A is for Alligator
▸ a is for apple
▸ B is for Bees
▸ b is for balloon
▸ C is for Clown
▸ c is for cake
▸ D is for Dragonfly
▸ d is for dog
▸ E is for Eye
▸ e is for elephant
▸ e is for earth
▸ F is for Flag
▸ F is for Fish
▸ f is for face
▸ f is for flower
▸ G is for Giraffe
▸ g is for grapes
▸ H is for House
▸ h is for horse
▸ I is for Igloo
▸ i is for ice cream
▸ J is for Jellyfish
▸ j is for jellybeans
▸ K is for Kangaroo
▸ k is for kick
▸ L is for Lemon
▸ l is for ladder
▸ M is for Mountain
▸ m is for mouse
▸ N is for Numbers
▸ n is for night
▸ O is for Oranges
▸ O is for Oval
▸ o is for owl
▸ o is for octopus
▸ P is for Piano
▸ p is for puzzle
▸ Q is for Queen
▸ q is for question
▸ R is for Rainbow
▸ r is for rain
▸ S is for Snake
▸ s is for stripes
▸ T is for Tiger
▸ t is for tee-shirt
▸ t is for tree
▸ U is for Umbrella
▸ u is for unicorn
▸ V is for Violin
▸ v is for vines
▸ W is for Watermelon
▸ w is for water
▸ X is for X-Ray
▸ x is for xylophone
▸ Y is for Yak
▸ y for yoyo
▸ Z is for Zebra
▸ z is for zipper

58 pages + cover & credits page = 60 pages total.

Click here to view and download Letters of the Alphabet Coloring Pages on TeachersPayTeachers.com

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Snowman Activities

Here are some activities we tried this week for our snowman theme.

Circle Time Activity:  How Do You Build a Snowman?

Build A Snowman Activity Image

Materials:  Book: All You Need For A Snowman Snowman Pieces made out of paper with magnetic tape on the back,  Hat, Scarf, Buttons, Carrot Nose.

Objectives:  Students will begin to identify and use special concepts (first/last, over/under, etc.) c. Demonstrate use of vocabulary in oral language to express ideas and events (Colorado Standards:  Oral Expression and Listening, b. Begin to identify and use special concepts (first/last, over/under, etc.) c. Demonstrate use of vocabulary in oral language to express ideas and events) 

Assessment:  Standards will have been met when students are able to express ideas about where to place the different parts of the snowman.

Procedure: Read book, All You Need For A Snowman.

SayNow we are going to talk about how to assemble a snowman.”  Students use specific language with details needed to know where to put each piece. The teacher moves the pieces to where students say to move them.  When instructions are not explained correctly, purposely put the piece out of place.

Snowman Activity 2: Snowman Craft

Tell students they can use what they know about how snowmen are built to draw a snowman for our winter bulletin board.  Students draw a picture of a big snowman on chart paper.  Cut them out and add these to the winter weather bulletin board.

Snowman Activity # 4: Snowman Puppets

Students use white paper or cotton balls, scrap paper, popsicle sticks to make snowman puppets.

Snowman Puppets Image

More Snowman Activities

The Snowman Pokey  – Sung to the hokey pokey, each student moves a little snowman puppet to the words:

You Put Your Snowman In, You Put Your Snowman Out

You Put Your Snowman In And You Shake Him All About!

You Do the Snowman Pokey and you turn yourself about.

That’s what it’s all about (Snowman Pokey!)


You Put Your Snowman up, you put your snowman down

You put your snowman up

And you shake him all around!

You Do the Snowman Pokey and you turn yourself about.

That’s what it’s all about (Snowman Pokey!)


Here is another printable snowman poem and activity with snowman puppets: Five Little Snowmen Printable Snowmen Puppets and Poem

Large Motor Connection – Build a real snowman outside in the snow.

Snowman Take-Home Activity: Free Build-A-Snowman Printable from The Purple Pumpkin Blog 

Build A Snowman Printable




Goodbye Song

Here is a cute goodbye song that I found on the internet.  It’s sung to the tune “Frere Jacques.”

Goodbye Song

Goodbye children,

Goodbye teachers,

It’s time to go,

Our day is done.

Wave goodbye to everyone

We’ll see you all tomorrow,

When we learn and play

With our friends.


The original lyrics, by Shawnmarie, can be found here: http://forums.atozteacherstuff.com/showthread.php?t=1394