18 Music Videos for Kindergarten – Sing, Dance, And Learn

Kids learn to count, learn shapes, sing the alphabet, and practice social skills as they move to the rhythm and your classroom transforms into a dance floor!

Here are 18 music videos to get kids moving and learning!

1. Lets Get Fit Count to 100 by 1’s Keep Your Mind and Body in Shape!  This song is perfect when you have to get some energy out and want a good exercise video for kids.  Play this if you ever have to stay inside during recess because of the weather or other reasons.

2. Thats The Way We Learn to Count to 100 by 5  Our class loves to dance to this song.  It gets stuck in your head and you will be singing it all day, but at least you will know how to count to 100 by 5’s.

3. Dance Party Count by 5’s  This is the favorite song in our classroom at the moment.  Kids just love to dance to this one and it’f fun to try and keep up when the counting speeds up!

4. Shapes Song A nice, relaxing song about shapes! Sit and relax, and see which shapes you can identify.  Eventually learn all of the shapes by name as you sing along.

5. Climbing Up the Mountain Counting by 10’s!  We’re climbing, we’re climbing, here we go!  Every time I am about to count by 10s, I chant the beginning of this song as a prelude.

6 Alphabet Rock Greg and Steve – Count to 20 by 1’s.  This is a good song to use when you are getting started with teaching counting.  You can let your students take turns with a pointer and follow along on a number chart as the song plays.

7. The Leapfrog Letter Factory Alphabet Song  This music video is perfect for teaching letters and letter sounds.

8. Big Numbers Song Relaxing music and counting to 1 to 100 and all the way to a trillion!  They pick up on the end of this song before the beginning, you’ll see what I mean.  Some of my students hum this when they are counting to 100.  Music makes memorizing easy, what else can I say?

9. ABC Rock by Greg and Steve  For this one, I give kids turns with a pointer so they can point to the letters as they sing along.

10. Down By The Bay With Rhyming Words for Music and Movement + Rhyming Practice.  Create movements for each part of the song and teach the kids.  Make picture magnets of each rhyming word and stick them on the board as you sing the corresponding rhyming words.

11. The Ladybug Song by Frank Ledo A song for teaching body parts.  Flutter your fingers to create an imaginary ladybug who lands on you, crawls around,  and then flies away.

12. Going on a Bear Hunt This is another popular favorite in our classroom.  Its very fun, and can get pretty silly and loud at the end so make sure your door is closed.

13. Firetruck Song by Ivan Ulz Kids love this song about firefighters, especially when you choreograph some movements to go along with the music; a good song for the community helpers unit.

14. Belly Breathe feat.Colbie Caillat and Elmo  This is a very good song that teaches kids to take belly breathes when they are feeling upset sad or anxious.  You can remind students to take belly breaths if you sense tension in the classroom.

15. Tidy Up (Fast) The Rhumba!  When it is time to clean up, first I ring a bell to get my students’ attention. Then I play this. The room is sparkling clean in no time!

16. I Can Count to 100 Count to 100 along with this fun dance song!

17. Count Backwards from 10 to 1  A cute song with a nice rhythm for counting backwards from 10 to 1.


18. Hello Alphabet Train  This song has a great Dance Hall Style Rhythm and kids can sing about letters and words as they dance!


Tips for Watching Music Videos In The Classroom

You can enter full screen mode by clicking the button on the bottom right of each video.  Click the button again when you are ready to exit full screen mode.

If you can get your hands on some good speakers, do it.  The music sounds much better this way.

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