Open Shut Them, A Short Transition Song About Hands

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family dinner imageOpen, Shut Them, is a transition song for young children. In our classroom, we sing this short & simple song before we eat lunch.

It’s the perfect way to begin a meal!


Open, Shut Them Lyrics

handsOpen, shut them

Open, shut them

Give a little clap, clap, clap!


Open, shut them

Open, shut them

Quietly place them in your lap!


Creep them, creep them,

Slowly creep them

Right up to your chin, chin, chin!


Open up your mouth so wide,

But do not let them in!


After the song, it’s time to eat!

Open, Shut Them Music Videos

Here is a music video showing an intro to the song, Open Shut Them, by Debbie Doo. Debbie explains the song in the beginning of her video, then sings the song.

Here’s another version, Open Shut Them by Super Simple Learning that incorporates concepts like big and small.



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