Making Patterns With Vegetables – PreK Lesson


In this activity, students dip pieces of vegetables into paint and stamp onto paper to create patterns. Students will practice making patterns, learn about the vegetables we eat and get a glimpse of how vegetables grow.Objective

Students will create patterns through the repetition of a unit.



First tape some chart paper to the tables. I like to completely cover the tables and tape the edges of the paper to the underside of the table to give the kids lots of room to stamp.

Cut the vegetables you will be using as stamps. If you are feeling creative you can carve into the vegetables to make different shapes.  

potato stamp
Image Source: Pixabay


Now grab your book and gather the children. Ask questions such as, “What is a vegetable” (carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers) and “Where are vegetables grown?” (gardens, farms, etc) to assess students prior understanding of the vegetables.

Read the book, The Vegetables We Eat by Gail Gibbons.

Now bring out your vegetable basket. Talk about each vegetable as you pull it out and have kids guess what kind of vegetable it is. You can even let students taste some of the raw carrots or bell peppers. Talk about the color of the vegetable and what it looks like. Have students describe what they notice about each of the vegetables.

Say, “Today we will use vegetables to make patterns!”

Model stamping a vegetable to make an AB/ABC/ABCD/ABCB pattern.

Students go to tables and stamp the vegetables in paint and them on the chart paper to create patterns.

Assessment:  The objective will have been met when students are able create a pattern using the vegetable stamps and paint.

Large Motor Connection Activity: Vegetable Color Toss Game – Bean Bags  Students pick a colored bean bag.  Then say a vegetable that is the same color.  Then they try to toss the bean bag into a container set out a little ways in front of them.

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vegetables walking
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