Mountain Sketch

crayon mountain sketchThis mountain sketch and sky scene was created by coloring with crayons on card-stock.   To create a similar look, design and sketch a colorful mountain scene.  As you color in the picture, blend the colors together to create the look of the day turning into the night.


  • crayons
  • white card stock.


Close your eyes and imagine you are in a magical mountain forest 🙂  Think of a few things that you might see.  Perhaps you look up to see a rainbow or some flowers.  Maybe there are some trees and a sun, and a sky full of clouds.  You might picture a moon and even some planets.

Once you have your ideas, lightly sketch the outline on the card-stock.

Start drawing with the lighter colors first, adding layers of darker colors as you go.  Gradually fill in the paper, blending with soft strokes of color that flow together nicely.  Then step back and enjoy your creation!

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

You can download & print My Little Coloring Book, a mini coloring book with 7 free coloring pages, complete with unicorns, sea creatures, butterflies & rainbows! Use markers, colored pencils, or crayons to bring the pictures to life!

Click here or on the thumbnail to the left to download My Little Coloring Book ~ coloring pages mini-bundle from

I also have all of the clip art images in color for sale in Kindergarten Nation’s Teachers Pay Teacher’s store. There is a link to the clip art on the credits page of the coloring pages bundle. You can use the clip art on your website, blog, Teachers Pay Teachers products, and more!


Halloween Coloring Pages Mini-BookThis Free Halloween Coloring Pages Mini-Book is a spooky-fun activity that kids can color! Download & print 1 or 2-sided, then staple the pages together to make the mini-book.

Use as an activity for Halloween Parties or give them out as a non-candy option for trick-or-treaters!

Click here or on the thumbnail to the right to download the It’s Halloween Mini-Book from



Here are some free coloring pages & coloring activities from around the web:

Free Coloring Page Bookmarks

free coloring page bookmarksThese three coloring page bookmarks by Dawn Nicole are completely free.  They are equally awesome for children or adults!

They can be found here: Coloring Page Bookmarks from 

Free Jungle Animal Coloring Pages

These adorable coloring pages are perfect for jungle units or just for fun! Find them here: Jungle Animal Coloring Pages by


Rainbow Fish Coloring Page

Rainbow Fish Coloring Page

I use this coloring page as a stencil to create a fish outline for crafts and activities for the book, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. You can find this page along with a few other Rainbow Fish Coloring pages here: Rainbow Fish Coloring Pages





Construction Paper Flowers

You can use construction paper to make your own paper flower craft.  There are a ton of different ways to design and make your own flowers out of construction paper. Here are a few ideas that I think you will love to get you started!

Construction Paper Flower Picture. For these easy construction paper flowers you can reuse scrap paper to make construction paper flowers. Making construction paper flowers is fun and easy for all ages!

Constuction Paper Flowers


  • gluesticks
  • scissors
  • construction paper


To make daisies – start by gluing a small circle of paper to the main piece of construction paper. Place larger pieces of paper
around the small circle to make pedals. Round off the edges of the paper pieces to look more like flower pedals and glue to the background.

To make tulips – cut half ovals and circles and place the flat side up. Add a stem and some leaves using green construction paper.

For other flowers – any shape or combination of shapes will resemble a flower when you simply add a stem using a long green strip of construction paper.

To make a leaf – glue a short little green piece of construction paper to the stem.

To make a butterfly use 2 larger pieces for the top wings and two smaller pieces for the bottom half. Then glue small colored pieces of paper symmetrically onto the wings.

Cut a circle out of yellow or orange construction paper to make a sun.

For the grass – Cut a strip of green construction paper and snip it along the edges.

More Paper Flower Craft Ideas

folded paper flowersFolded Paper Flowers Craft. Follow the step-by-step instructions for making your own folded paper flowers.  I also love the way they glued these flowers together make a beautiful garland and it would make a beautiful decoration for the classroom wall.

Check out this folded paper activity on