Draw A Funky And Fun Clown House

Bubbles, Bozo, Balloons and Pies! A fun clown house to make that’s full of surprise!

For this silly clown house craft, a piece of paper is divided into sections and you can draw a different picture in each “room”. Use a ruler to draw lines to divide the paper or you can just fold the paper into even sections.

You will need markers, white copy paper, and a ruler
(optional) for this activity.

clown family craft

Above is an example of a clown family doing different things in their clown house.

clown girl
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To make this clown house drawing, first fold a piece of paper into 4 or 6 sections.  You can also use a ruler to divide the paper into sections if you prefer.

Draw a different room in each section of your paper.  You can add a living and dining room, bathroom, closets, basement, laundry room, and bedroom to start.

Make sure to add lots of colors and clowns!  The trick to drawing clowns is give them big shoes and wild, colorful hair and outfits.  Use lots of polka-dots, swirls, and curly-Q’s when decorating their costumes.  You can make them look like they are wearing clown makeup but drawing x’s as their eyes, and a red dot as their noses.  I like to make them look like they are pouting, so I give them heart-shaped lips.

You can draw some stairs and add windows to make your drawing look more like a home.

Add more clowns, pets, robots, and anything else you can think of to make your drawing more colorful and interesting!

Construction Paper Clown Craft

Here is a colorful construction paper craft that is perfect for a costume party or carnival!  You can cut out the shapes ahead of time or let the kids cut out the shapes and assemble the clown themselves.


  • Construction paper (A variety of colors)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sequins (Optional)
  • Foam shapes (Optional)

clown craft for kindergarten

For The Craft:

1.Cut out a white oval to make the face for your clown.

2. Create a wig – I cut out small cloud shapes using a rainbow of colors for this.

3.  Draw on facial features using your markers.

4. Create the shirt and cut sleves into each side. For the pants I cut out a rectangle and then cut a slim triangle from the bottom.

5.  Create shoes and gloves.

6. Assemble the pieces together and paste them onto a piece of construction paper. I used black construction paper because I like how it makes the other colors pop but you can use whatever color you like for your background!

7.  Add decorations using sequins and foam shapes to complete your craft!

grass and flowers image

Create Your Own Oil Pastel Portraits

oil pastel portrait 1Oil pastels are a colorful choice for art projects of all kinds. They can be found at any art store. Also look for them at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores to save money. Decorate your classroom or hallway with oil pastel portraits that your kids made.  Frame your oil pastel portraits for a bright piece of artwork that will cheer up any space.


The oil pastel portraits shown on this page were drawn on white construction paper.  The portrait shown to the right is an example of what it looks like to fill in the entire page with color.  In the portrait below, the white background is left showing through.



  • Oil Pastels
  • White Construction Paper 9×12 inches


oil pastel portrait 2To get started, draw the outline of your portrait lightly on your paper.  Start with an oval for the face.  Then add the hair and eyes.

You can draw an S to make the nose.  I like to show this trick to my students, as it makes for an easy way to create this feature.

Draw the lips and other details.
Fill in the outline, starting with lighter colors, and finishing with darker colors.  Blend the colors together using your fingers or the oil pastel itself.  Continue coloring until your whole paper is filled with color or leave the background showing if you prefer a more minimal look to your portrait.

Make a Spooky Haunted House Drawing

Inside this haunted house, there are many scary things – A witch, some bats, a skeleton that lives in the attic, spiders and goblins peeking through a window, ghost and bats flying around, and alligators swimming in a secret underground dungeon! Super scary.. And a fun Halloween craft!

spooky house craft

You will need:

  • Markers and White Copy Paper
  • Ruler (optional)


To make it..

Divide a piece of paper into 6 or 8 sections by folding it or using a ruler and pencil. Color a different scary scene in each “room”.

Draw lots of monsters, ghosts, witches, bats and skeletons and anything else you might find in a scary haunted house!