Construction Paper Clown Craft

Here is a colorful construction paper craft that is perfect for a costume party or carnival!  You can cut out the shapes ahead of time or let the kids cut out the shapes and assemble the clown themselves.


  • Construction paper (A variety of colors)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sequins (Optional)
  • Foam shapes (Optional)

clown craft for kindergarten

For The Craft:

1.Cut out a white oval to make the face for your clown.

2. Create a wig – I cut out small cloud shapes using a rainbow of colors for this.

3.  Draw on facial features using your markers.

4. Create the shirt and cut sleves into each side. For the pants I cut out a rectangle and then cut a slim triangle from the bottom.

5.  Create shoes and gloves.

6. Assemble the pieces together and paste them onto a piece of construction paper. I used black construction paper because I like how it makes the other colors pop but you can use whatever color you like for your background!

7.  Add decorations using sequins and foam shapes to complete your craft!

grass and flowers image

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