Making Patterns: Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes Lesson Plan

This is a fun, hands-on fine motor activity where children make patterns with beads on a pipe cleaner.

Objectives: Students will recognize and create ABC patterns. (Colorado Standards: Math Knowledge And Skills: Patterns: The recognition of patterns, sequencing, and critical thinking skills necessary to predict and classify objects in a pattern.)



Read the book, The Legend of the Candy Cane.

Say, “For our craft today we will be using ABC patterns to make a candy cane ornament!”  Model what it looks like to create an ABC pattern on the whiteboard using different colors of markers.

Next, model what it looks like to make an ABC pattern with the beads, reviewing the colors and pattern as you go.  Then bend the pipe cleaner so it looks like a candy cane.

Students go to work at tables and create their own candy cane ornaments.

Assessment:  The objective will have been met when students are able to use the beads to create an ABC pattern that repeats at least 3 times.

Extension: Students create a more complicated pattern, such as an AAB pattern or ABCD pattern.

Support: Students create an AB pattern.

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