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Miss Vanessa
Miss Vanessa

KindergartenNation.com offers fun and educational activities, free printables, lesson ideas, art projects, music activities, crafts, worksheets, poems, song lyrics, clip art, and lesson plans for teachers and parents of students in PreK and Kindergarten!

Kindergarten Nation was created by Miss Vanessa, a teacher, artist, and musician with a desire to share her ideas and bring creative learning into many classrooms and homes.

The fun and engaging activities on KindergartenNation.com are designed to strengthen young minds by incorporating music, art, movement, and games into core subjects such as language arts and math.

KindergartenNation.com is inspired by a belief that all kids learn best when their natural creativity and curiosity is embraced. Children who are encouraged to explore the world around them learn so much more when they are free to play, use their imaginations, and discover life naturally, through meaningful and interesting experiences.

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